COVID Correspondence

COVID Correspondence.
Posted on 01/19/2021
Ferris ISD  

Notice of COVID Positive Case


Date:    4-19-21

Re:       Notice of Positive COVID-19 Student at Lee Longino Elementary

The District received notification today that a student at Lee Longino Elementary has received a test-confirmed, positive diagnosis for COVID-19. The student was last present on campus Thursday, 4-15-21.  Due to personal privacy laws, the District cannot release the name of the individual or additional details that may identify him or her.

The District will inform the Ellis County health authority and will coordinate with the Texas Department of State Health Services for contact tracing on this positive individual. All students and staff that may have come into close contact with any COVID positive person have been contacted, interviewed, and notified of any additional steps necessary for them to take. Additionally, all areas that are heavily used by any test-confirmed positive individual will be identified, closed off, and thoroughly sanitized before reuse.

Any questions should be directed to T.J. Knight, Deputy Superintendent at or 972-544-3858.